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Tracksuit Classic Comfort Series

Tracksuit Classic Comfort Series

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  • Place of Origin:  China
  • Brand Name:  chanyun
  • Model Number:  10

Tracksuit: refers to rest at home or homemakers parlor, etc. A clothing worn. Features: comfortable fabrics, styles, and convenient operation. Pajamas home service is evolved, but it is excel rather than blue. Now home service had to get rid of the concept of pure pajamas, covers a wider range. Since the 16th century, Europeans put on a robe, pajamas change with the times but also constantly changing image. The last century, the social atmosphere became relaxed and active, bedroom dress also toward new models of development, fundamental change.


City people work stress heavy outer clothing worn at work and social process, dust and contaminated countless bacteria, some people due to indoor pollution and clothing allergic skin itching, severe cases can lead to allergic dermatitis, and some chronic skin. If the home immediately put on a clean, tidy, stylish home clothing, not only health but also the solution to the fatigue of the day, people enjoy, home of their own music, how pleasant!

health care

The skin is the largest human respiratory organs, it has a thermostat, absorption, detoxification, immunity, gas exchange and other functions. But outside the busy city people, long-term air pollution by the invasion, and work wear shackles, skin get good regulation, a number of implicit or explicit cause swoop ...... and give the skin a sense of freedom and unfettered comfort, high-quality selection, comfortable tracksuit treatment and alleviate some of the stress disorders and physical pain have a wonderful effect.

Medical authorities pointed out, choose the right clothes at home can eliminate tension visceral nervous system, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, regulate the nervous system advantageously increased adaptation and immunity, relieve chronic constipation caused due to stress, chronic diarrhea, skin inflammation. Select a color and fabric superior pajamas can relieve stress, relieve insomnia, dreams, headache phenomenon. And can improve cold hands and feet, difficulty sleeping and other conditions. With the 2003 SARS worldwide, H5HI epidemic outbreaks of disease in daily life precautions need more clothes at home, which not only reflects the importance of their own health, but also represent the love of his family.

Create a comfortable home environment

Outside a busy day, go home, the first thing to do is change a relaxed, comfortable clothes. But most people back home, just to find clothes to cover the body is OK, simply do not care about clothing styles, colors, not to mention the beautiful and healthy. In fact, for a nice, comfortable, elegant home service not only allows you outside the house are beautiful, and most can reflect the beauty of harmony between man and clothing, let you feel relaxed. Many happy family all know how to create a home atmosphere of love and culture, in the same manner as people "home" to live, but also to be able to fit, or add this culture and atmosphere in clothing.

  • Place of Origin:  China
  • Brand Name:  chanyun
  • Model Number:  10
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